Bold as brass: the timeless beauty of brass lighting

Contemporary chromes and youthful rose golds have both been riding the popularity wave within the design sphere over the last few years. Although brass has always been consistently admired by many, it is currently experiencing a much-deserved and decidedly tangible resurgence in popularity that is set to continue throughout 2018 and beyond.

Versatile and durable

The versatility of brass is almost certainly one of its best features, as it somehow manages to work seamlessly within a variety of styles and aesthetics without looking out of place. From industrial chic and antique elegance to contemporary minimalism and mid-century modern, brass features somehow manage to fit perfectly into schemes right across the design spectrum.

Brass is also an incredibly durable material, which adds to its versatility and no doubt contributes greatly to its enduring popularity. Brass accents will always hold up beautifully over time, which means that brass lighting is often ideal for spaces such as the kitchen that tend to require a slightly more mindful approach to design due to the environment and the possibility of increased temperature fluctuations.

An alluring warmth with a touch of charisma

Brass has a beautifully subtle warmth, which makes it an ideal accompaniment to a space that incorporates a variety of textures or lots of deep, dramatic colours. Adding a touch of vintage chic to spaces incorporating deep blue, green and brown hues, brass lighting features bring added brightness without ever overshadowing other design features.

Neither so understated that it simply gets lost amongst other features nor so attention-grabbing that it completely overpowers a space, the charismatic elegance of brass will always allow you to be as creative as you like with your choice of accessories without risking ending up with a space that does not feel as cohesive as you had hoped.

A touch of the luxe factor

Timeless and luxurious, there is something uniquely special about brass that somehow ensures it never goes out of style. If you are looking to achieve a fresh and modern aesthetic with a decided touch of elegance, incorporating brass lighting in a bright space with sophisticated white marble accessories is an approach that will never let you down. The warmth and glamour from hints of brass throughout the space will avoid the sparse or clinical feel bright spaces sometimes attract, instead adding an element of boutique hotel chic.

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A brief guide to the three main forms of lighting

Every aesthetically-pleasing, well-designed and fully-functional space relies on considered and well-chosen lighting. From ensuring that every area of a space is appropriately illuminated for full functionality to establishing an appropriate ambience that feels pleasant to spend time within, your choice of lighting will undoubtedly have a significant impact on both how you live and how you feel within your home.

Understanding the different types of lighting available and the strengths of each will help you to ensure that your home is fully personalised to suit your lifestyle and that each individual room allows you to efficiently and comfortably perform the required tasks within them.

Ambient lighting

A room’s ambient lighting provides the overall illumination needed to ensure that you are not fumbling around in the dark and accidentally tripping over furniture every time you try to navigate your way around your space. Many people choose a pendant ceiling light as their central source of ambient lighting, but wall-mounted lights, floor lamps and elegant chandeliers are also excellent examples of this all-important illumination.

Accent lighting

Helping you to highlight particular features within your space, well-positioned accent lighting will ensure that eyes are always drawn to the specific areas you most want people to appreciate. You might choose to install some wall-mounted picture lights to make a feature out of your favourite piece of art, or place some elegant lamps on or beside a beautiful piece of furniture that you feel should be the star of the show.

Task lighting

Also referred to as practical lighting, your task lights will help you to ensure your space is fully functional and suited to the particular activities you want to complete within them. Vanity lighting in your bathroom will help you to complete your daily beauty routine with ease; pendant lighting throughout your kitchen will help to prevent any accidents as you are preparing meals; and desk lamps in your office will help you to complete your work easily and efficiently.

Selecting lighting solutions: the importance of form and functionality

Understanding exactly what you want to use each individual space for is essential for choosing the right lighting solutions for your needs. You may decide to use a space as your office in the daytime; however, if you need the same space to transform into a cosy reading nook in the evenings, a few well-positioned lamps and atmospheric wall lights will help you to achieve your desired aesthetic and ambience.

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Mastering your outdoor lighting game this festive season

If there is one thing that can make the winter season feel just that little bit cosier, it is a stunningly curated outdoor lighting display. Instantly welcoming and captivatingly beautiful, here are a few of our top tips to help you master your outdoor lighting game year after year.

Illuminate your foliage

Softly illuminating your garden trees is a simple way to boost your festive feelings and create a magical ambience that will both charm and delight. The best approach is to wrap your lights around your chosen trees from the lower branches of foliage upwards, ensuring they are evenly dispersed throughout and are not buried so deeply that they are almost completely obscured by the natural greenery.

Mount lanterns by your door

A classic lighting feature that can be utilised year-round, placing a beautifully designed lantern on either side of your front door will instantly create a welcoming atmosphere that any guest to your home will greatly appreciate. Lanterns will also ensure that you will not have to struggle to find the correct key in the dark, which you will greatly appreciate after a long day at work when the temperature drops sharply after sunset.

Illuminate your footpaths

Garden lights come in a wide variety of styles, with something to suit every outdoor space. Fuss-free, easy to install and effortlessly elegant, illuminating your footpaths will ensure that Father Christmas won’t miss your home when he is on his travels delivering presents. Garden lights are also an ideal addition to your outdoor space year-round, helping to provide a cosy ambience for both family barbecues and hazy summer evening parties with your friends.

Take care with installation

No outdoor lighting display is worth compromising on safety, so make sure to only purchase your lighting solutions from reputable retailers. A weatherproof box is also a must-have if your lights require a direct electrical connection. You will also find this a useful investment throughout the year for any maintenance jobs that may occur.

Careful storage solutions

When taking down any lighting displays after the festive season has concluded, it is recommended that you keep their original packaging and pack them safely away until you are ready to use them again. Make sure that they are clean and dry before putting them into storage and your investment should see you through many festive seasons to come.

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Does your living space lighting deserve a standing ovation?

In addition to introducing some beautiful illumination into a room and establishing the perfect ambience, floor lamps have the unique ability to add a statement architectural feature to a space, adding interest to an otherwise plain or underused area.

These classic lighting solutions have been hugely popular for decades; however, if your mind is immediately drawn to tired-looking wooden bases with tasselled shades when presented with the term ‘floor lamp’, do not be concerned. This particular area of interior design has experienced a radical transformation in recent years, which means there is certain to be a stunning floor lamp for every space that is well suited to both your personal interior style and unique design requirements.

Overhanging designs for an opulent aesthetic

This category of floor lamps is arguably the most architectural. In addition to providing a feeling of glamour and sumptuous elegance to a space, overhanging lamps make a stylish statement that will really show off your interior design credentials.

Ideally placed next to an arm chair or sofa, overhanging lamps can help you to establish a designated, comfortable reading area or provide some beautiful ambient lighting for when you are chatting with friends over pre-dinner nibbles. Looking equally as beautiful when not in use, an overhanging lamp might be the perfect choice if you are passionate about considered design that celebrates both form and functionality.

Geometric shapes and clean, sharp lines

Instantly injecting a touch of contemporary sophistication into a space, many geometric floor lamps are adjustable and enable you to aim the light in any direction to suit your individual requirements.

Opting for a shiny silver geometric design will amp up its contemporary form; alternatively, many geometric designs will be available in bronze or antiqued brass finishes. These will work particularly well within an industrial- or vintage-inspired aesthetic, perfectly juxtaposing old and new into one seamless design.

The unrivalled versatility of mother and child/multiple bulb floor lamps

Uniquely poised to provide both ambient and reading lighting, mother and child floor lamps or designs with multiple moveable bulbs are intensely versatile and can easily be incorporated into every area of your home.

These detailed designs are an ideal choice if you have several design features that are placed fairly low to the ground. A short coffee table or statement rug will naturally capture attention as soon as you walk into a room, which can work wonderfully as long as they are balanced with a well-placed taller design feature that will work to direct the eye around the room.

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Choosing stylish lighting for your youngsters is child’s play

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any room’s décor. It not only provides the illumination needed to see in the evenings and dark mornings but also adds atmosphere, giving much-needed ambience to your living and sleeping space and helping to create the right feeling in every room.

Nowhere is this more important, perhaps, than in your children’s bedrooms. Having the right kind of lighting in a child’s room is essential – when they are younger, it helps them to go to bed – and stay there! – while older children need efficient lights to play and do their homework.

You will need to adapt and change your child’s lighting depending on their age, so here is a rough guide to the choices you may want to make.

The nursery

Babies’ rooms need subtle, gentle lighting. Dimmable lights are ideal, enabling you to put low levels of lighting on at night when you need to check on your little one without waking them up with the glare of a lightbulb.

Touch lamps are also a good idea. They are fantastic for nursing babies in the wee small hours without waking up the whole household.

Of course, no one can resist the huge range of adorable character lamps, or those shaped like rocket ships, dragons or animals. There is something for everyone’s taste.

Troublesome toddlers

When your baby has grown a little, and is protesting when put to bed – and don’t they all? – it may be time to adapt their lighting to something a little more ‘grown up’. Getting your toddler to choose their own table lamps or lamp shades as part of a redecoration project may help them to realise that their bedroom is a place specially for them, and help them stay there once it Is bedtime.

There are plenty of lamps and shades based on TV or film characters, and a plethora of fabulous abstract designs in bright colours.


Once your child starts school, you may want to ensure their lighting includes something good enough to do work by. Buying them a desk and chair at a young age – complete with easy-to-use table lamp or spot lamp – will help them to get into the habit of doing homework in the proper setting.


Once your child reaches their teenage years, they will probably have set ideas about their lighting. Whether this is pretty fairy lights or spotlights to do their makeup by, or colourful and fun LED lighting, your teenager’s lights should reflect their growing personality.

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